07272017 Questions for the President

Citizen Reports Questions to the White House 7/27/2017

Questions About the President
1) Would the president be willing to release his college transcripts? We have people interested in what he was taught and what he was schooled in.
2) Would the president be willing to comment on the Pastor and his teachings? We realize he is not an avid church goer, but we’d like to get an understanding of his foundation in faith.
Questions About Voter Fraud, Influence and Meddling
3) Would the White House be willing to investigate the dealings of the RNC and DNC in Vermont? We have been experiencing great pull, that has not been coming from the citizens. Recently in the election, almost every Democratic leader past and present supported Hillary over Bernie. As you know our Democratic voting population was about 80% Bernie. Many of us believe the DNC coerced all members to vote for Hillary. Another example from both sides of the isle. People across the state have been pushing for ethics reform. Our leaders are refusing. We earned a D- in ethics on of the lowest in the nation. Yet when pressed the finally opened a commission but gave it no money. Is this something that can be investigated?
4) When Ross Perot ran for president the RNC and DNC made it impossible for another third-party candidate to get microphone time. Is this something that can be rectified while investigating voter fraud and undue influence on our voting process? Can the president give us any insight on his experience in this realm?
5) I’ve read that the DNC is the one that chooses who the candidate will be not the people voting in the Democratic Party. Can you investigate whether it was true that George Soros chose Barack Obama over Hillary? We’ve seen in this past election where the DNC gives Hillary questions to a town hall meeting with Bernie Sanders to give her an edge, how does this give the American people trust in our government?
6) Will the RNC be pushing those representatives out of the RNC because they fulfilled their promise to the American people? Are there efforts to undermine the Freedom Caucus for doing their job by the RNC? Will they become pressured to become part of the swamp? How can the American people assist in supporting and bringing peace to our nation and support to those who are doing their elected job until the next election?

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