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Act 250 Overreach?


In the past an 800′ road would trigger Vermont ACT 250, no more, but the regulations are still troublesome for land owners.


Tom Buczkowski notes that he has to pay $90 per year and have an engineer inspect his property because of a long extinct regulation on the Vermont ACT 250 books. He is limited to cutting of trees, the timing of the cutting and other activities. His neighbor isn’t. He has to pay engineering fees on a regular basis.

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Farm and Food Freedom

Modern%20Danish%20farm%2001[1]Courtesy of Dexter Lefavour, candidate for Vermont Senate

The freedom to grow your own food and share it with your neighbors must be restored. Individuals should be free to choose to drink raw milk, know if their food contains GMO’s, eat farm slaughtered meat and other food choices. The federal government has monopolized the word “organic”. In order to become a certified organic farm the farmer must pay a fee to the government. This is a regressive tax on farmers and an impediment to the production of better food. Federal milk price controls, corn subsidies, and many other regulations, tax policies and financial assistance programs benefit large corporations, but make good food unavailable, unaffordable and inaccessible. Dexter will be a strong advocate for food and farm freedom.

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Drug Dealers Mentor Local Officials

IMG_7641Vermont Government is taking lessons from Vermont’s fastest growing business, Heroin sales. In state governments quest to eclipse all private and non-profit industries, they are looking under all stones for fresh new ideas.

Heroin Dealer, Joe Lovespot tells them about a secret trick of the trade. “First thing you tell them is, all the kids are doing it. This usually gets 60% of the crowd, nobody likes to be square.”

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