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Hospital hidden costs

Have you ever wondered why nobody knows the expenses when you go to a hospital? How much is to fix a broken arm? $50.00?   $5,000??  It’s an interesting dilemma, where else does this ever happen? The insurance companies know how much it costs. They bill different people, different companies different rates. Why does this need to be hidden? Why can’t it be like auto insurance, simple and easy? Why can’t we get different insurance companies to compete for coverage? Could it be to protect monopolies? Give us your opinion. 3772205726_17f84994d1[1]

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Vermont Raises Real Estate Transfer Taxes, now paid more than most real estate agents.

#7 Waitsfield InnAt the end of the session, it was clear that they needed more money for programs. They tried to launch a $50 per parcel fee across the state. People recognizing this as the tax that it is were vocal.

So with a slip of the hand the boosted the property transfer tax on non-resident transfers. On a 5% commission the listing agent or selling agent will be paid 1.25% of the deal. The state is now making 1.46% on these deals. On 6% commission an agent would earn 1.5% on either the selling side or listing side.

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Lobbyist vs. Representatives

226553130_cae66110f6_o1[1]Did you know there are 420 lobbyists registered in Vermont?

Did you know there are only 30 Senators?

Did you know there are only 150 representatives?

Let us know your thoughts, we think this might be a problem in State Government.



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Vermont Adopts Common Sense Regulations for Elio Motors

Reported by Neil Johnson

Elio motors is a startup car company that is looking to build highly fuel efficient cars that handily beat the Toyota Prius in gas mileage. Priced at $6,800, this car is affordable for most of the US population and will be built in the USA. Clearly this is a win-win situation. The regulatory environment has posed obstacles. In speaking with Joel Sheltrown of Elio’s government affairs, he had great praise for how Vermont opened up for business.

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AT&T Phone Billing issues or scam to get extra $5 from customers

7995721594_ecf4f23745_z[1]We are trying to find out how many people are having issues with AT&T billing policies. We’ve fount they move the due date without telling you. Are you always seemingly billed for $5.00 late fees, please let us know. Check your bill and call the company, see when they generate the bill, then when do they mail it. We are finding that you only have 2-3 day to pay a bill other wise it’s late. They certainly don’t give you 30 days. Let us know your experience, if enough people are having problems we’ll submit our finding to the attorney general for investigation.

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What’s in Your Summer Burger? Why Your Government Doesn’t Want You to Know

028-pola[1]By Jeff Clements (This article originally appeared on the Opinion section of Fox

Even if they are not the hippest foodies, most people who buy hamburger for a late summer cookout want to know the source of their ground beef. If not the specific farm or state or even region, whether the meat is American-raised or has traveled across the globe from who knows where matters to a lot of Americans. That insistence on our right to know about our food is why federal law requires that meat be labeled with the country of origin. Or it used to do that.

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Waitsfield Vermont Signage


Has anyone noticed all of the regulatory signs existing in Waitsfield? Don’t park here, don’t park there…


We had some stars this winter all around town and it looked like we had life. However, this guy isn’t allowed to put lights around his skier; he actually had to take them down.

We’d like to hear from the business community. What is your experience getting signage in Waitsfield? Is the town business friendly?

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