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Vermont Digger and New York Times expose corruption in US.

This presentation was put on by Vermont Digger. The first few minutes are rather tedious, but as you get into the program, it’s very clear how poorly our country is being run and corrupted. This is a very excellent piece and is highly recommended for your viewing.


Video of lecture by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eric Lipton

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Jon Margolis attempts to change U.S. Tax History

Prominent reporter for Vermont Digger writes about how not wanting to pay tax is un-American. This writer commented on the page that the tea party and the American revolution was started by the premise of unfair taxation without representation, comments were not posted, perhaps they would reconsider. Here is an article from Wikipedia..

Here is the article promoted by Vermont Digger. We ask you is this unbiased reporting? Is this propaganda? What are your thoughts?

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Union tries to intimidate Burlington School Board

As reported by Vermont Digger in the below articles, after giving teachers an average of $1900 per year raise, the Union files a lawsuit in attempt to intimidate the school board. When was the last time an employee threatened a law suit after receiving a raise? We’d like to hear your comments.


Burlington teachers file charges against school board

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Front Porch Forum stifles Public Discussion

We are wondering who ordered the censorship of the pocket park discussion. After posting facts and figures for the pocket park, and clarifying $45k in permitting expenses for the Pocket Park, this author Neil Johnson was removed from every posting on Front Porch Forum. Upon contacting front porch forum he was told that his original location was Moretown.  Neil replied that he lives in Waitsfield and was posting for the Church in Moretown. Despite several attempts to reinstate the Valley address, Neil is still only allowed to post in Moretown, despite proving his residence in Waitsfield.  Let us know your thoughts and comments.

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Have you been censored lately?

The wonderful thing about the internet is that often people are allowed to comment. One problem with comments is you get a tremendous amount of spam. Sometimes or frequently comments revert to name calling and crass comments. But often one is censored, not because they are either, but because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the news report or propaganda. Recently this week I’ve been censored from Vermont Digger several times, the posts were concise and tasteful. Let us know your experience.

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