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Car Buzz Reports the Following, Check out this gorgeous car!

This Cadillac Escala Creation Is How Americans Will Buy Wagons Again


The new Cadillac Escala is a truly beautiful car, rivaling the looks of any vehicle on the road, What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear them.

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Douglas Gage stands up for Vermont Constitution

We have inquired of our representatives about a bill that is getting voted on. House Bill 422, looks to take weapons from Vermont Citizens without a conviction of crime. It is done under the event of alleged domestic violence event. Does it remove any other weapons or instruments that could cause harm or death? or only weapons that are granted by our state and federal constitution? We’ve asked several questions, while Douglas didn’t answer them all he did answer and give us guidance on this thinking. Below are the questions submitted to Representative Gage.

Business education as discussed on Forbes

Below is some general information about job performance, while directed at younger people it seems to be excellent advise for any person. What are your thoughts and experiences?







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How to do you feel about this interview?

This seems to be all the rage these days. Notice how all the questions are about how do you feel? Will this bring about positive change in the United States? Will this tactic further polarize the country? Are people familiar with the tactics and goals of Saul Alinsky? Should we as citizens accost those in government when they are on personal time? What are your thoughts? Does this make you want to serve government? Wonder how often this happens?  Paparazzi have a vicious reputation.  How can we have a free press, find the truth and still allow people to function in life and at work? What is the role of social media and the press?

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Socratic Method on College Campus or Political Correctness?

We’ve all heard about the uproar at Middlebury Campus. Across that country people are being asked questions that deal with fairness and justice. Is there a difference between political correctness and Socratic Method? Is this accurately using debate to find the truth? Let us know your thoughts.


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Vermont Press Censoring? Working to find truth or for Lobbyists?


As you know our organization has been very vocal for years now about having high grades on ethical government in Vermont. It saves us money and gives accountability to our representatives.

In a recent commentary article on Vermont Digger, this reporter was censored and prevented from asking questions on the open board. Below is the article.

Jim Condos: Let the sun shine in