About Citizen Reports

Not all of our elected officials take their oath seriously. Those that do are drowned out by media nonsense. Scandals of insignificance are reported on a daily basis. Our entrusted government officials are caught sexting, having affairs, using our tax money inappropriately for personal gains, and so much more. The media feeds on this nonsense like seagulls on french fries. These same entrusted officials vote on bills they have never read, cave in to lobbyists and gamble on our future.

What Can We Do?

  • How Do We Elect Good Officials?
  • How Do We Keep Our Officials Accountable?
  • How Do We Know Their Positions?
  • How Do We Follow Their Track Records?

Answer: Citizen Reports!

  • The Voice of Citizens
  • In Depth, Comprehensive Articles & Reviews
  • No Influence From Big Money
  • No Influence from Lobbyists
  • No Influence from Politicians
  • No Sound Bites
  • Funding Entirely from Readers & Citizens

Why We Need Another News Source

In the 2012 elections there was only one real winner, the main stream media. Republican and Democratic parties each pumped in close to a billion dollars. The information, debates and commercials were all pretty sickening. Voters agreed that they did not have enough information to make sound judgments.

As US citizens, we have the privilege to vote. The official’s job is to defend the constitution, represent the people, make wise use of our money and pass sane laws. We, as citizens, need to be able to choose those who will do the job well. We don’t want those with the biggest wallets, most political connections and political favors to cash in.

How We Are Different

  • We demand more from our elected officials
  • Our reporters are regular people like you
  • Our reporters have ethics
  • We are funded only by readers and citizens

With your help and efforts we hope to make our government officials understand that we want them to read a bill before passing it. We want them to be fiscally responsible. We want them to think critically and cast votes not solely based on party lines. We don’t want companies, corporations, NGOs and political parties forming monopolies (aka Kingdoms). These monopolies don’t have the ear of the common man.

Our funding assures compliance. We are paid for by the readers and supporters. We pay our reporters to report on real news, and not to cut and paste Internet articles, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

We gratefully appreciate your support.