Are we being fooled again? By our Reps and Senators?

There is a trend in Washington, and it resembles a sleazy con. 16 years ago our folks in Washington quickly voted to fund the war. Bush took the money and started after Hussein. But we didn’t declare war, and the fighting goes on. We are told it was Bushes fault, but they are supposed to have the facts before pulling a trigger. Nope Bushes fault as they all quickly got in line to vote yes. Perhaps we should push the pause button.

I ask,  “Do we have our facts, facts on Russia?”

Let’s look at our governments track record. Enron, inside deal, tax payers foot the bill. Solyndra, tax payers get the check. So we had the banking crisis, which nobody wanted to bail out the wealthy bankers. But our folks in Washington passed that bill licitly split. Tax payers are paying that bill. Washington got rid of rules that kept banks from getting too creative. Washington passed a health care bill and said, we need to pass this quick so we can read it. We the people always get the bill.
Do we find it acceptable that people are voting on bills they didn’t write or didn’t read or understand? Seriously?
You can keep your doctor. You’ll save $2500 per year. We’ll have the healthy pay in for insurance, yet the first thing we do is exempt the most vigorous from 21-16! We have 61-year-old people subsidizing healthcare for 24 and 25-year-old people so they can keep their latest iPhone.

In our last election regardless of who you wanted in office, one has to take note that Washington voted 97%+/- for Hillary Clinton. Now that’s not really for Hillary per se, it’s for the status quo. No place anywhere in our country was their such a call for keeping the current situation in Government and that should be concerning for all people.

My fear, is we are being sold a bunch of goods.

Anytime Washington has moved so quickly it has never been for the benefit of the People. It’s been an inside deal for the lobbyists. The pitch, It’s always been a deal too good to pass up they say, act now, quickly. This deal won’t last. There has never been a more important vote in our history. This is a defining moment in history!
Like any high-pressure sales tactic they don’t want you to think too long about it or too deeply.
Meanwhile, the United States is perhaps being sold a time share we don’t need that only enriches the lobbyists at taxpayer expense.


We need facts, not free toasters and propaganda. What are the facts that justify Russian Sanctions, Facts….





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