AT&T Phone Billing issues or scam to get extra $5 from customers

7995721594_ecf4f23745_z[1]We are trying to find out how many people are having issues with AT&T billing policies. We’ve fount they move the due date without telling you. Are you always seemingly billed for $5.00 late fees, please let us know. Check your bill and call the company, see when they generate the bill, then when do they mail it. We are finding that you only have 2-3 day to pay a bill other wise it’s late. They certainly don’t give you 30 days. Let us know your experience, if enough people are having problems we’ll submit our finding to the attorney general for investigation.

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  1. Valerie McCord says:

    After many years of having my AT&T payment processed automatically on the 5th of each month, this past month was on the 30th, 6 days earlier. My next one is scheduled for the 30th as well. I received no indication of this change. Thanks to this post I am going to contact AT&T for an explanation. It’s to their benefit the earlier they receive the payment. It makes little difference to me if it’s the 30th or 5th, but they shouldn’t change the rules out from under me without my knowledge.

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