Can you challenge Vermont Union ideas & be heard? Moderation or censorship at Digger?

Interesting censor on this one. Complementing another poster on the good ideas, that challenges the plan for institutionalizing our young children. Nope….this one didn’t make it either. What are your thoughts? Here’s the “scandalous post”.


Report: 40 percent of Vermonters live in child care ‘deserts’

Neil Johnson rosemariejackowski 19 hours ago
Thank you, thank you…
Perhaps some of the issues we are facing now is because 60% are using institutions. Our institutions are quick to force Ritalin, drugs of all sorts, thinking it will take the place of love and boundaries set from an attentive caring parent or guardian.
There are so many better options. But the state want to expand their services and control, some of which is surely well intended, but so much is off the mark.


Let us know your thoughts.


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