Are we being fooled again? By our Reps and Senators?

There is a trend in Washington, and it resembles a sleazy con. 16 years ago our folks in Washington quickly voted to fund the war. Bush took the money and started after Hussein. But we didn’t declare war, and the fighting goes on. We are told it was Bushes fault, but they are supposed to have the facts before pulling a trigger. Nope Bushes fault as they all quickly got in line to vote yes. Perhaps we should push the pause button.

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Socratic Method on College Campus or Political Correctness?

We’ve all heard about the uproar at Middlebury Campus. Across that country people are being asked questions that deal with fairness and justice. Is there a difference between political correctness and Socratic Method? Is this accurately using debate to find the truth? Let us know your thoughts.


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Vermont Press Censoring? Working to find truth or for Lobbyists?


As you know our organization has been very vocal for years now about having high grades on ethical government in Vermont. It saves us money and gives accountability to our representatives.

In a recent commentary article on Vermont Digger, this reporter was censored and prevented from asking questions on the open board. Below is the article.

Jim Condos: Let the sun shine in

FLOTUS, promotes, peace, forgiveness and love at Rally

Below is a link to FLOTUS Mrs. Melania Trump introducing the President at a Rally in Florida. She opens with the Lords prayer. When was the last time you saw this? What are your thoughts? Are you familiar with the Great Books, of which Western Civilization is based? We encourage you to read and study.




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Is learning proper English actually racist?

You’ll see this report from Breitbart news where Washington University is claiming using or requiring students to use proper grammar is racist.  Perhaps this show how poorly our school systems are doing? Harvard class of 2102, taking introduction to Congress were under the impression that cheating was acceptable? 125 students in the class were caught cheating on a test. 42% of the student body was cheating on homework according to their own survey. Is this the standard of excellence we strive for? On a college level? Give us your thought

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Youth look toward Comedy to get information about world events

Comedy and comedy news shows are extremely funny. As we all know comedy often has a kernel of truth, sometimes the kernel is a nugget of gold. But when does comedy cross the line? Can it? We have to know the difference between comedy, actual truths and propaganda used to tear down people doing good works. Steve Harvey is a classic example, and it’s terribly humorous on some levels. But people weren’t making fun of him before he stepped up to assist the inner cities. So timing is critical to humor, it’s fresh it’s relevant. But is it serving other purposes? You be the judge. First I’ll give the comedy skit. Then what Steve Harvey is doing to help those less fortunate in our country. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Why some people consider CNN faux news – Steve Harvey Crucified

Below is a clip of what Steve Harvey does for the children of the inner cities. It’s a wonderful program, where in two weeks he solves problems the Chicago school system can’t in 12 years. The whole family is on a wonderful track a year later.


Here is what CNN said about Steve Harvey and his decision to help our country transform our inner cities.  Apparently he is a mediocre Negro. My personal opinion is I’ve seldom seen such inaccurate and racist reporting. Let us know what you think in viewing these two clips.

Maxine Grad speaks about Ethics

Dear Representatives,


We’d like to get your thoughts on ethics in Vermont government? What is your take on the situation? IT NEEDS SERIOUS ATTENTION.


If you’d care to elaborate we’d happily pass it on to our readers.


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Vermonts Last Report Card in Ethics D-

Please follow the link for more detailed information. As you know to have an average of D-, means you must have many, many F’s on your report card. We are finding the representatives do not know, believe or think Vermont earned a D-.