Vermont digger can’t keep up with censoring Vermont Citizens, limits posts


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In the last 24 hours you submitted at least 24 comments to VTDigger. In the past week you commented 96 times. That quantity is too much for our staff to manage, therefore we will be limiting you to five or six comments a day. Any in excess of that number will be deleted.

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Can you challenge Vermont Union ideas & be heard? Moderation or censorship at Digger?

Interesting censor on this one. Complementing another poster on the good ideas, that challenges the plan for institutionalizing our young children. Nope….this one didn’t make it either. What are your thoughts? Here’s the “scandalous post”.


Report: 40 percent of Vermonters live in child care ‘deserts’

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Vermont Digger admits to censoring many commentors

Here is an email thread with the folks at Vermont Digger.



In an effort to let more readers’ voices be heard in the comments section, we are setting a limit for some commenters who we feel are dominating conversations. The VTDigger comment section was never intended as a chat room. We provide the platform to foster comment and discussion, but the back and forth some commenters engage in can hijack the conversation and divert it far from the original topic. While we understand you are passionate about your particular issue, frequent repetition of the same points becomes tedious very quickly for other readers.

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Have you been censored lately? Let us know your Digger Experience


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Let us know your thoughts. Here are one of my conversations.

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Vermont Digger censors dissent on Burlington Teachers Strike

Vermont Digger, censoring ideas and dissent on Burlington teachers strike. There is censorship going on in Vermont.
The following was banned from the conversation on Vermont Digger. You’ll see we have proof, via pictures, timing and removed stamp from discus. Let us know your thoughts. The “objectionable” posts are below.


07272017 Questions for the President

Citizen Reports Questions to the White House 7/27/2017

CNN clever propaganda disguised as news… surprise, surprise

John McCain was tweeting that the president shouldn’t make announcements via twitter. But it doesn’t matter. Propaganda isn’t about finding the truth, that’s what our national news programs has become. Look how all the news sources immediately have announcements and stories implicating Trump is making a bad decision, and he’s against the LGBTQ community. They have done no investigation with President or generals before printing the stories.

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Are we being fooled again? By our Reps and Senators?

There is a trend in Washington, and it resembles a sleazy con. 16 years ago our folks in Washington quickly voted to fund the war. Bush took the money and started after Hussein. But we didn’t declare war, and the fighting goes on. We are told it was Bushes fault, but they are supposed to have the facts before pulling a trigger. Nope Bushes fault as they all quickly got in line to vote yes. Perhaps we should push the pause button.

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Why are organizations allowed to register voters?

We’ve had politicians and organizations asking for mail-in ballots within Vermont. Why is that?
Don’t people know you vote in America? I had the Fayston town clerk call me at election time. Apparently names and addresses were getting mixed up. Here is another example of why problems occur when organizations with a political agenda and goal can mess things up. Cheating is cheating. Fraud is fraud; these people committed fraud for $10 per hour. Fascinating world huh?  Give us your thoughts and comments.

Is Bernie getting money for the Rich or the Poor?

Was reading an article on Vermont Digger that was quite interesting. Bernie has gotten $3,000.000 dollars for affordable housing, grant money. So that is the proverbial “Free Money” everyone likes to discuss. The article is below:

Sanders announces $3 million in housing grants for Vermont