Youth look toward Comedy to get information about world events

Comedy and comedy news shows are extremely funny. As we all know comedy often has a kernel of truth, sometimes the kernel is a nugget of gold. But when does comedy cross the line? Can it? We have to know the difference between comedy, actual truths and propaganda used to tear down people doing good works. Steve Harvey is a classic example, and it’s terribly humorous on some levels. But people weren’t making fun of him before he stepped up to assist the inner cities. So timing is critical to humor, it’s fresh it’s relevant. But is it serving other purposes? You be the judge. First I’ll give the comedy skit. Then what Steve Harvey is doing to help those less fortunate in our country. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Drug Dealers Mentor Local Officials

IMG_7641Vermont Government is taking lessons from Vermont’s fastest growing business, Heroin sales. In state governments quest to eclipse all private and non-profit industries, they are looking under all stones for fresh new ideas.

Heroin Dealer, Joe Lovespot tells them about a secret trick of the trade. “First thing you tell them is, all the kids are doing it. This usually gets 60% of the crowd, nobody likes to be square.”

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Waitsfield Selectman Use Grant Money like Crack Cocaine

crack_is_wack[1]Waitsfield Vermont selectman appear to have been overcome with addiction. Upon hearing that all three bids exceeded the known budget for building our town hall, their first response was “How can we get more grant money?” Already exceeding the neighboring town of Moretown’s budget by 2x, our town hall was not to be surpassed.

Upon hearing of the select board spending spree, residents for fiscal restraint were woken up from their apathy and wrote into the Valley Reporter.

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