Vermont digger can’t keep up with censoring Vermont Citizens, limits posts


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In the last 24 hours you submitted at least 24 comments to VTDigger. In the past week you commented 96 times. That quantity is too much for our staff to manage, therefore we will be limiting you to five or six comments a day. Any in excess of that number will be deleted.

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Can you challenge Vermont Union ideas & be heard? Moderation or censorship at Digger?

Interesting censor on this one. Complementing another poster on the good ideas, that challenges the plan for institutionalizing our young children. Nope….this one didn’t make it either. What are your thoughts? Here’s the “scandalous post”.


Report: 40 percent of Vermonters live in child care ‘deserts’

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Vermont Digger admits to censoring many commentors

Here is an email thread with the folks at Vermont Digger.



In an effort to let more readers’ voices be heard in the comments section, we are setting a limit for some commenters who we feel are dominating conversations. The VTDigger comment section was never intended as a chat room. We provide the platform to foster comment and discussion, but the back and forth some commenters engage in can hijack the conversation and divert it far from the original topic. While we understand you are passionate about your particular issue, frequent repetition of the same points becomes tedious very quickly for other readers.

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Have you been censored lately? Let us know your Digger Experience


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Let us know your thoughts. Here are one of my conversations.

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Vermont Digger censors dissent on Burlington Teachers Strike

Vermont Digger, censoring ideas and dissent on Burlington teachers strike. There is censorship going on in Vermont.
The following was banned from the conversation on Vermont Digger. You’ll see we have proof, via pictures, timing and removed stamp from discus. Let us know your thoughts. The “objectionable” posts are below.


07272017 Questions for the President

Citizen Reports Questions to the White House 7/27/2017

Vermont Press Censoring? Working to find truth or for Lobbyists?


As you know our organization has been very vocal for years now about having high grades on ethical government in Vermont. It saves us money and gives accountability to our representatives.

In a recent commentary article on Vermont Digger, this reporter was censored and prevented from asking questions on the open board. Below is the article.

Jim Condos: Let the sun shine in

Youth look toward Comedy to get information about world events

Comedy and comedy news shows are extremely funny. As we all know comedy often has a kernel of truth, sometimes the kernel is a nugget of gold. But when does comedy cross the line? Can it? We have to know the difference between comedy, actual truths and propaganda used to tear down people doing good works. Steve Harvey is a classic example, and it’s terribly humorous on some levels. But people weren’t making fun of him before he stepped up to assist the inner cities. So timing is critical to humor, it’s fresh it’s relevant. But is it serving other purposes? You be the judge. First I’ll give the comedy skit. Then what Steve Harvey is doing to help those less fortunate in our country. We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Why some people consider CNN faux news – Steve Harvey Crucified

Below is a clip of what Steve Harvey does for the children of the inner cities. It’s a wonderful program, where in two weeks he solves problems the Chicago school system can’t in 12 years. The whole family is on a wonderful track a year later.


Here is what CNN said about Steve Harvey and his decision to help our country transform our inner cities.  Apparently he is a mediocre Negro. My personal opinion is I’ve seldom seen such inaccurate and racist reporting. Let us know what you think in viewing these two clips.

Citizen Reporters Needed

Tired of your comments not going through on local sites? Tired of only one view dominating the Vermont Land Scape? We’re looking for a few good Citizen Reporters to help us ask the questions we want answered not the lobbyists.  email us or call 802-496-5998

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