Vermont Digger censors dissent on Burlington Teachers Strike

Vermont Digger, censoring ideas and dissent on Burlington teachers strike. There is censorship going on in Vermont.
The following was banned from the conversation on Vermont Digger. You’ll see we have proof, via pictures, timing and removed stamp from discus. Let us know your thoughts. The “objectionable” posts are below.


Is the state trying to pass a secret tax?

Tax time concept with sign post under blue sky

As you can see from the linked article of, as reported by Micheal Bielawsky, the legislature is still trying to find more ways to tax Vermonters. Reducing our carbon foot print will reduce global warming, we don’t need more taxes and less control to do this. Read below, let us know your thoughts.

Vermont cap-and-trade bill looks a lot like a carbon tax, observers say

Want a $416 tax reduction for every man woman and child in Vermont?

That’s the savings 47 states before us saw when they adopted an ethic commission. You’ll also note the highest grade in 2012 was a C, brought in by Alaska, the lowest graded state was Michigan.

Ethics is about knowing where the money is coming and going, knowing where you politicians are coming an going. See these fine reports from Vermont Digger outlining the savings.

Expert says ethics commission could save millions


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Vermonts Last Report Card in Ethics D-

Please follow the link for more detailed information. As you know to have an average of D-, means you must have many, many F’s on your report card. We are finding the representatives do not know, believe or think Vermont earned a D-.

Jon Margolis attempts to change U.S. Tax History

Prominent reporter for Vermont Digger writes about how not wanting to pay tax is un-American. This writer commented on the page that the tea party and the American revolution was started by the premise of unfair taxation without representation, comments were not posted, perhaps they would reconsider. Here is an article from Wikipedia..

Here is the article promoted by Vermont Digger. We ask you is this unbiased reporting? Is this propaganda? What are your thoughts?

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Vermont Raises Real Estate Transfer Taxes, now paid more than most real estate agents.

#7 Waitsfield InnAt the end of the session, it was clear that they needed more money for programs. They tried to launch a $50 per parcel fee across the state. People recognizing this as the tax that it is were vocal.

So with a slip of the hand the boosted the property transfer tax on non-resident transfers. On a 5% commission the listing agent or selling agent will be paid 1.25% of the deal. The state is now making 1.46% on these deals. On 6% commission an agent would earn 1.5% on either the selling side or listing side.

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