CNN clever propaganda disguised as news… surprise, surprise

John McCain was tweeting that the president shouldn’t make announcements via twitter. But it doesn’t matter. Propaganda isn’t about finding the truth, that’s what our national news programs has become. Look how all the news sources immediately have announcements and stories implicating Trump is making a bad decision, and he’s against the LGBTQ community. They have done no investigation with President or generals before printing the stories.

They have not interviewed the President, and they are not getting any facts.  They are very much involved with the teachings of Saul Alinsky, creating chaos, discord, and division. It is the primary reason our country is in chaos, those using Alinsky methods intend it.
A quick study shows that people with diabetes are not allowed in the Military, is that discrimination? Many people with diabetes say no, they realize the requirement for constant medical needs puts on in serious jeopardy and those who are also working with them.

My friends who are transgender require hormones to be the person they have to be. Could this be a reason the generals were concerned? Does the military take morbidly obese? Do they take people in their 70’s who want to serve? Do they take people bound by wheel chairs for combat? So are they fat shaming, ageist and discriminating against the handi capped too? Are they discriminating against my self because I can’t pass the physical? If I as a man needed testosterone injections would they allow me in the military? I guess not. If a woman needed estrogen injections would she be accepted?

Instead of doing an investigative news, organizations quickly get into propaganda mode.  Propaganda only shows one side or builds a case for one side of the argument, but rest assured it’s not news, no matter what they say, it’s certainly not investigative journalism.
The most clever use of propaganda includes many truths, notice the representative does mention they have to be combat ready.

Here’s the video from CNN.


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