Condos speaks out on Vermont Ethics

Jim Condos was very quick to respond to our questions, of which are below, not only responsive but a sense of humor.

Hi Neil…

As you know I have been very outspoken on Ethics and Transparency in Gov’t .

Attached are 3 op eds I had submitted (Jan 2017, June 2016, and May 2015)

Your questions…  My answers in red.


We’d like to get your thoughts on ethics in Vermont government? What is your take on the situation?

See the Op Eds for a pretty good feel of my thoughts.

As for S.8 in the Senate… It is a 1st step – I hope to convince the House to strengthen it.

What about the proposal from Jim Condos?

I like his proposal… Ha Ha!


If it could save the state $225 million why wouldn’t we get an effective ethics committee?

To me the amount saved is immaterial and the $225m is purely hypothetical.

The real question is what is transparent gov’t worth?

What is the cost for a gov’t you can’t trust?

Vermont is currently graded a D- in ethics, why is that satisfactory?

From my standpoint, it is not satisfactory.

Why aren’t we as government officials striving for the highest standard of practice?

We should strive to be better than anyone else.

We should work to insure that the citizens of VT have faith and trust in their gov’t leaders.

The VT Constitution demands accountability and transparency.

Would you support a bill to bring our standards to an A?

Of course!

We must create an ethics commission that has oversight of the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Municipal Branch.


Would you support a bill that gives an ethics board teeth?

Yes – I have been saying right along that an ethics bill must contain 3 criteria.

Independence – The Ethics Commission and staff must be independent from any elected official.


Resources – Must have enough dollars to the job.


Authority –  Must have the authority to investigate and the ability to subpoena.

This is brief but to the point – hope this helps.


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