Douglas Gage stands up for Vermont Constitution

We have inquired of our representatives about a bill that is getting voted on. House Bill 422, looks to take weapons from Vermont Citizens without a conviction of crime. It is done under the event of alleged domestic violence event. Does it remove any other weapons or instruments that could cause harm or death? or only weapons that are granted by our state and federal constitution? We’ve asked several questions, while Douglas didn’t answer them all he did answer and give us guidance on this thinking. Below are the questions submitted to Representative Gage.

Dear Representatives,  

We’d like your input on this bill, give us your open thoughts if you might so we can let the public know.

 We do have some questions that we would like your input on.

 How can the state just seize property? In the past Vermont has been very proactive about preventing unjust seizure, why the change?

 Will you be voting for or against this bill?

If someone is not even convicted of a crime how can the state seize property or fine?

How can someone justify voting against their sworn testimony to uphold the state constitution, when this bill strips away the constitutional rights of the citizens.

 If you had any other thoughts or concerns we’d be happy to let the public know.

Douglas Gage responded with the following:

H.422 Neil I will be voting against this unconstitutional bill! Thank you Doug Gage



In the past we have questioned representatives about certain bills and received very little feed back, the lase inquiry was with regard to the ethic commission in Vermont.

We applaud Douglas Gage for defending our constitutional rights.

Let us know your thoughts! Uncensored and we want to keep it that way!





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