Greshin open to improving Ethics in Vermont

As readers may know the last two Ethics reviews, Vermont went from a D+ to a D-. Below are questions asked of Adam and his response. When we first asked the questions he sent  a copy of the reply he had in the Valley Reporter. When asked about the questions specifically he responded quickly. He’s consistently responded in a timely manner. We have yet to hear from Maxine Grad or Minority leader Mr. Turner. We will follow up as often emails get lost or misplaced.  On line interview below. along with Grading of Vermont in the links below.

We’d like to get your thoughts on ethics in Vermont government? What is your take on the situation?  I think we need an Ethics Commission, not because we have a broad problem with ethics but because we should join the rest of the country and develop a process and a body to be the authority.


What about the proposal from Jim Condos?  If it could save the state $225 million why wouldn’t we get an effective ethics committee?  Agreed.


Vermont is currently graded a D- in ethics, why is that satisfactory?  It is not.


Why aren’t we as government officials striving for the highest standard of practice?  We should be.


Would you support a bill to bring our standards to an A? Would you support a bill that gives an ethics board teeth? Let us know, our readers are very interested. Thanks. Sure.  As always, the devil is in the details.  I would support an independent ethics commission with a full time director, 5-7 commissioners and support staff he/she could call on to help with recommendations.




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  1. Timothy Price says:

    State and municipal governments are corporations with all of the political/financial collusion of the Fed/political party deception and controls. The have only self interests at heart and ripping off the public is their goal.i

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