Is Bernie getting money for the Rich or the Poor?

Was reading an article on Vermont Digger that was quite interesting. Bernie has gotten $3,000.000 dollars for affordable housing, grant money. So that is the proverbial “Free Money” everyone likes to discuss. The article is below:

Sanders announces $3 million in housing grants for Vermont

The funny part about this is nobody asks any real questions. It is going to make affordable housing apartments for 22 people. That’s apartments, so they will forever rent. On top of that, the state and the federal government will be subsidizing the rent for the low-income people so that the landlord will have a nice positive guaranteed income.
If you take 3 million and divide it by 22, you get $136, 363 dollars for every person. That buys the apartment free and clear for all 22 people, yet they still pay rent all their life and tax payers subsidize the landlord.

So who gets the money? The rich. Who has a lifetime forever renting and never owning? The Poor. Who gets a microscopic return for their taxes? The average person. Who is the real winner in this?

So we ask for feedback, what are your thoughts. We find the citizens are smart and informed.  Let’s hear from you! Real Names must be used for comments, no made up names.



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