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Vermont Adopts Common Sense Regulations for Elio Motors

Reported by Neil Johnson

Elio motors is a startup car company that is looking to build highly fuel efficient cars that handily beat the Toyota Prius in gas mileage. Priced at $6,800, this car is affordable for most of the US population and will be built in the USA. Clearly this is a win-win situation. The regulatory environment has posed obstacles. In speaking with Joel Sheltrown of Elio’s government affairs, he had great praise for how Vermont opened up for business.

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Waitsfield Vermont Signage


Has anyone noticed all of the regulatory signs existing in Waitsfield? Don’t park here, don’t park there…


We had some stars this winter all around town and it looked like we had life. However, this guy isn’t allowed to put lights around his skier; he actually had to take them down.

We’d like to hear from the business community. What is your experience getting signage in Waitsfield? Is the town business friendly?

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Act 250 Overreach?


In the past an 800′ road would trigger Vermont ACT 250, no more, but the regulations are still troublesome for land owners.


Tom Buczkowski notes that he has to pay $90 per year and have an engineer inspect his property because of a long extinct regulation on the Vermont ACT 250 books. He is limited to cutting of trees, the timing of the cutting and other activities. His neighbor isn’t. He has to pay engineering fees on a regular basis.

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Waitsfield Pays $20,000 for Piece of Ledge in Floodplain


This is what is left of the building that floated away. It’s obviously in flood plain and set backs overlap, creating a novel, negative building envelope. It’s too small for ANY structure.

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Waitsfield Selectman Question Donation


This is the donation, or is it? The town lost taxes and has to maintain a polo field. Divots and covenant prevent any other use.

Selectman Scott Kingsbury and Logan Cooke question the donation of the Polo field. A Waitsfield resident at the meeting mentions she questioned the reasoning of this in 2009. From the review of  Selectboard meeting video and statements made by selectboard, it appears that the donor is saving $8,000 per year in taxes and in maintaining the polo field at town costs. According to the members we really can’t use the field for much else, because after a polo event, the field is pretty much full of divots from galloping horses. (See below photo and scalloping from mowing lawn).

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Local Businessman frustrated over Waitsfield Zoning

Local businessman, Neil Johnson, has repeatedly brought up a zoning issue to the Select board and Zoning board of Waitsfield, Vermont. In meetings with Selectman, he noted that in his search he found that zoning in the Industrial Park only allowed agriculture by right. There was no other business use by right. Thinking this must be an oversight Neil has approached both organizations on multiple occasions.

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Waitsfield Studies Pet Rock


After purchasing a piece of ledge in a flood plain for $20,000, select board looks to study said purchase. There is debate about how much this will cost and what experts will be brought in for this study.

Many in town questioned this purchase. It was not put to vote. Within the office here it is affectionately known as the Waitsfield Pet Rock. It’s the straw that broke the back of common sense.

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