Vermont Adopts Common Sense Regulations for Elio Motors

Reported by Neil Johnson

Elio motors is a startup car company that is looking to build highly fuel efficient cars that handily beat the Toyota Prius in gas mileage. Priced at $6,800, this car is affordable for most of the US population and will be built in the USA. Clearly this is a win-win situation. The regulatory environment has posed obstacles. In speaking with Joel Sheltrown of Elio’s government affairs, he had great praise for how Vermont opened up for business.

Sheltrown said: “First on VT. From my experience, VT should be the example for politicians all over the nation to follow. I contacted Representative Patrick Brennan (Transportation Chair) about the need to change VT statute. The Representative agreed to a meeting and even arranged the use of a meeting room at the airport so I wouldn’t have to rent a car to get to another location. The meeting was to discuss putting “autocycle” in definition, and eliminate M license and any helmet requirements. Brennan had the DMV’s representative, Patrick MaManamon, meet us there as well to weigh in on the issue of a new definition and exemptions for helmets and M license. Patrick was very knowledgeable of what needed to be changed in statute.”

Sheltrown went on to say, “From that meeting, legislation was drafted and approved. Representative Brennan introduced the bill H0565 and then arranged with the Senate Transportation Chair (Senator Richard Mazza) a joint committee hearing of the House and Senate Transportation Committees so I would only have to make one trip out to testify.”

“Eventually, Rep. Brennan suggested adding to a DMV fix up bill instead of his bill so that the legislation had the very best chance of passing. Now that’s cooperation, especially when compared to my experience in a few other east coast states.”

Find Out More About the Elio Car

Elio Car

The Elio is a revolutionary new approach in transportation engineered to achieve 4 key “Must Haves”

  1. 84 MPG Highway (gas powered 3 cyl.)
  2. Made in USA (utilizing 90% North American content)
  3. Engineered to the highest safety standards
  4. $6,800 (starting price)

We also needed it to be reliable and fun to drive

  1. Top speed over 100 mph
  2. 0 to 60 speed in under 9.6 seconds
  3. 3 year/36,000 miles warranty
  4. Safety Management System includes three airbags, a reinforced roll-cage frame and Anti-Lock Braking System

The Elio is the real deal. Many call it the next big thing in transportation, or simply ingenious.

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