Vermont Digger admits to censoring many commentors

Here is an email thread with the folks at Vermont Digger.



In an effort to let more readers’ voices be heard in the comments section, we are setting a limit for some commenters who we feel are dominating conversations. The VTDigger comment section was never intended as a chat room. We provide the platform to foster comment and discussion, but the back and forth some commenters engage in can hijack the conversation and divert it far from the original topic. While we understand you are passionate about your particular issue, frequent repetition of the same points becomes tedious very quickly for other readers.

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 2, you will be limited to three comments a day. All moderators are aware of the limit and will delete comments that exceed it.

Cate Chant
Copy Editor


I’ve spoken with other commenters who have been squelched by the “moderators”.  Many of us keep repeating our comments, because the same stories keep coming up, with no-one to refute their claims.

Let us know your thoughts.


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