Vermont digger can’t keep up with censoring Vermont Citizens, limits posts


From: Cate Chant []
Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 11:23 AM
To:; Anne Galloway <>; Ruth Hare <>
Subject: Comment limit


In the last 24 hours you submitted at least 24 comments to VTDigger. In the past week you commented 96 times. That quantity is too much for our staff to manage, therefore we will be limiting you to five or six comments a day. Any in excess of that number will be deleted.

Thank you,

Cate Chant
Copy Editor


Here is an email exchange, apparently the “moderators” aka Censors are very busy on our state Website, so they are just limiting or threatening to cut off any one with opposing/ questioning opinions to the articles.

What are your thoughts?


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