Vermont Ethics Commission Why are we so afraid? Part 1 of______

The on going discussion continues in Montpelier. We’ve asked many in public office about ethics and few have responded. We’ve seen censorship supporting the proposal from Jim Condos to have a functioning, viable ethics commission. The big bad bill currently in government for discussion is an old wolf, the teeth have been pulled, the animal has not been fed, it can barely walk and it’s got scurvy. What are they soooo afraid of? We ask our readers to comment. We’ll have many more stories on this ongoing investigation.

The following was reported in Vermont Digger…..

“I think we are very capable of maintaining our own standards,” Deen said. He said a commission might make more sense if the Legislature was full-time and professional and not a part-time citizen legislature. A Democrat from Westminster, Deen has been in the House for 27 years.

Does Deen even know we are rated at D-, one of the worst in the entire country? Maybe 27 years is a long time to hold one position?


Below is a link to Vermont Digger

Ethics commission hits obstacles in the House



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