Vermont Press Censoring? Working to find truth or for Lobbyists?


As you know our organization has been very vocal for years now about having high grades on ethical government in Vermont. It saves us money and gives accountability to our representatives.

In a recent commentary article on Vermont Digger, this reporter was censored and prevented from asking questions on the open board. Below is the article.

Jim Condos: Let the sun shine in

And below is the comment that was censored. Many of us have been censored, many times on Vermont Digger. They say it’s about keeping things civil, keeping the language proper. What is so offensive about the comment below. We have run into this so many times we can almost guess which comments are going to be deleted, we can record and have recorded the actions on video. Tell us what you think.

Isn’t it interesting that nobody is jumping on board? Why wouldn’t they? Doesn’t everyone want to get an A+ for their work along with pay? Don’t people like to get feed back on a job well done?

So I have to ask, why is it that nobody is coming out and saying “We want to be the best”, we want to demonstrate in numbers and figures that Vermont has the best State Government in the United States!

Why? Why don’t they?

What was so offensive on the above comment? Tell us what you think!



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