Waitsfield Selectman Use Grant Money like Crack Cocaine

crack_is_wack[1]Waitsfield Vermont selectman appear to have been overcome with addiction. Upon hearing that all three bids exceeded the known budget for building our town hall, their first response was “How can we get more grant money?” Already exceeding the neighboring town of Moretown’s budget by 2x, our town hall was not to be surpassed.

Upon hearing of the select board spending spree, residents for fiscal restraint were woken up from their apathy and wrote into the Valley Reporter.

Select board members replied in a private email. “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!”  Na Na Na Na. We can do whatever we want, you can’t make us spend less money!”

This free money has become prevalent on a local, state and federal level. It is leading our town, state and country to a fiscal train wreck.

We’d like to hear your thoughts. Let us know if you notice any government waste, we’ll report.


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