Waitsfield Selectman Question Donation


This is the donation, or is it? The town lost taxes and has to maintain a polo field. Divots and covenant prevent any other use.

Selectman Scott Kingsbury and Logan Cooke question the donation of the Polo field. A Waitsfield resident at the meeting mentions she questioned the reasoning of this in 2009. From the review of  Selectboard meeting video and statements made by selectboard, it appears that the donor is saving $8,000 per year in taxes and in maintaining the polo field at town costs. According to the members we really can’t use the field for much else, because after a polo event, the field is pretty much full of divots from galloping horses. (See below photo and scalloping from mowing lawn).


Sal Spinosa another select board member noted that if the property wasn’t used according to the strict outlines of the donation, then it would revert back to the original owner.  Is this just a way to hold a polo field tax free, maintenance free for further development?

We ask is this a good thing for the town? Is this really a donation?  What are your thoughts? Do the readers have any further insight on this? We’d love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Another question should be is the agreement put forth by the donor truly legally binding?

    If not, as I suspect, then turn it into a park ASAP by plunking down a jungle gym in the middle and see how high the horses can jump.

    Your website is a long overdue concept for your town, and hopefully others in the future.

    • Neil Johnson says:

      Thanks, we cover issues like this state wide. Many people have questioned the deal, but there hasn’t been a forum to shed light on the topic. It’s important for readers to make comments approving or disapproving so our representatives can see what people are thinking. We encourage good debate and humor.

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