War or Love, What do men want? Part 1 of____

In a recent article reported on Vermont Digger, the discussion of wages between men and women was brought up.  Everyone was chiming in; Governor Scott was quoted as saying, “Eliminating the income disparity between men and women would reduce poverty in the state by 53 percent”.
Mitzi Johnson was chiming in, on Vermont Digger  “I can’t wait for the day we stop counting,” Johnson said of her distinction, along with State Treasurer Beth Pearce, of being only the third woman to fill her position.
And Cary Brown also chimed in with Vermont Digger. Cary Brown, the executive director of the Vermont Commission on Women, an advocacy group for gender parity explained that “if women’s wages were raised up to where men’s are, that would be about $5,565 extra dollars for every woman in Vermont, about a billion dollars in total to Vermont’s economy, which is around 3.3% of the state’s GDP.”
Many men were chiming in on the comment section; this reporter was prolific. While I can’t speak for others, I don’t think people were saying sexual discrimination didn’t happen in the past, surely it did. We are sincerely questioning the declaration that sexual discrimination is still occurring. We believe women are being paid for doing the same work as men.
Many men, my self-included want to stop the war on women, we want equal pay for women we do not want sexual discrimination. We want those who are sexually discriminating against women to be charged and fined as they should be. We want our wives and daughters to have the same opportunities as men.
We want to know the truth. We don’t want propaganda; we don’t want lies. With this, we’ll be doing further investigations. We want and need reader input. Should you know of sexual discrimination, please report it, tell us about it. If you have any insights, pass them on.
Do men and women want peace or war? We ask our readers, and we’ll be probing this topic that is continually coming up on Vermont News.





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